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A Quick Guide to the Bose SoundDock

The Bose docking station for the iPod, called SoundDock, offers high quality sound that comes through the speakers very clearly and richly. It is compatible with most iPod models. The SoundDock is designed to provide a connection between the iPod itself and a speaker system. This allows the owner to play songs stored in the iPod through a well constructed speaker system which produces high quality sound.

The Bose SoundDock docking station for the iPod comes with a very sleek, trendy, glossy and white colored design while the speakers have a gray metallic mesh. This simple yet effective design makes a very appealing and attractive device that sits perfectly atop any table even in the most sophisticated of dining or living rooms. After a closer look one will see the well made smoothness and overall quality of the device, making it an ideal docking station for iPods.

It measures about 12 inches by length and a width size of 6 inches and stands 8 inches tall. While this is relatively large for an iPod speaker, it is still relatively smaller than most stereo speakers.

How to set up the Bose SoundDock iPod docking station:

It's fairly easy to set up the Bose SoundDock iPod docking station. Simply connect the AC cord, choose the right template size for your own iPod and your set-up is complete.

Bose has included a number of templates readily available among the many iPod models, and all of them work and fit perfectly well with the 10 gigabyte third generation, 20 gigabyte fourth generation and the 60 gigabyte iPod.

The Bose SoundDock docking station for iPods has user friendly controls with two buttons located along the area of the base for volume adjustment while the rest are controlled by the iPod itself and the bundled docking remote control.

The bundled remote control is small and lightweight; it has the corresponding button controls for volume, track changing adjustments, pause and play and on/off. It fits in the hand really well and it is powered by a 3v lithium cell battery. Bose SoundDock docking station for iPods features:

Bose SoundDock docking station for iPods is a great alternative to replace the age old tradition of listening to a normal stereo component system. Bose SoundDock gives a way of transmitting the iPod sound into a much improved sound system.

Bose SoundDock prides itself for having the ability to play music at a loud volume without producing irritable sound distortion; it has an exceptional range of tone and bass levels making it an ideal docking station for iPods. It is easy to use and set up anywhere in your home and makes full use of your iPod's capabilities.

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable docking station for your iPod to enjoy listening to it in the confines of your home at its maximum volume take a good look at Bose SoundDock docking station for iPod.