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Who Can Live Without A Docking Station? Siriusly!

Currently there are a number of Sirius docking stations available in the market today that offer different uses for different mediums.

The Radio Shack Orbiter SM400 is a product suitable for Sirius satellite radio docking station use. It is exclusively available only at Radioshack outlets.

It has the following features:

The Sirius docking station for automobiles is a welcome piece of equipment especially for Sirius radio lovers who love to avoid the hassle of regular radio stations and all of those commercials. It makes listening to satellite Sirius radio stations in the comforts of your car while driving a very enjoyable musical experience.

Another one is the Sirius Docking Station SPC1 Sportster for automobiles that comes complete with the vehicle antenna. With this Sirius docking station, you can now use it to tune into the different satellite radio stations by using an FM frequency that isn't currently used in your own automobile stereo. It comes with a solid mounting handle that places the Sirius Sportscaster docking station on the dash of your car, while the included roof mounted antenna attaches magnetically on the outside of your automobile to generate maximum, distortion free reception. All are powered by a DC adapter.

This product allows any user to access their favorite Sirius satellite radio stations virtually any place your car will take you. Just by simply installing the Sirius docking station in your car and by operating the SPC1 Sportster you can now access more than 120 channels of pure music, sports radio shows, news radio stations and other radio talk shows while enjoying the pleasure of driving.

The KTC-H2A1 "Here2Anywhere" from Kenwood offers a radio tuner that accesses the SIRIUS satellite radio by using its docking station you can now enjoy having a great listening experience while riding your car.

The Here2Anywhere docking station for Sirius radio has a metal base that can be used to work closest to the location of the tuner. One of the positive features is the docking station for Here2Anywhere because it is considered a universal type of mount so it can be placed anywhere in your car. Just look for the best possible place that can locate the best signal reception.

Right now there are a lot of Sirius docking stations available on the market. It's a very important tool needed to properly access the Sirius satellite network and it allows you to take your Sirius radio tuner wherever you need to go.