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The Essentials of XM Docking Stations

XM radio satellite is one of the two satellite radio systems that can be heard in the United States of America and in Canada. The other network is Sirius satellite radio.

XM Satellite radio offers more than one hundred and fifty digital radio channels. One can listen to an abundance of choices from rock music, classical, sports talk, news radio show, radio talk show, drama and many more. So being able to listen to XM radio satellite anytime and anywhere is a must for radio fans. This is where an XM docking station comes in handy indeed.

Here are some of the XM docking stations available in the market today:

Altec Lansing has released an XM radio docking station called the XM2GO portable docking station. It provides a docking station for your device in order to listen and access XM radio satellite service anywhere you may be from your home, riding in your car or just chilling outdoors.

It was specifically designed and manufactured to be compatible with audio systems from Pioneer, Delphi and other XM2go devices. It provides a cool docking station that supplies power and automatic recharging by being packaged with a power adaptor.

Its features include:

Another best selling XM radio docking device is the Audiovox XCS9 XM receiver and docking station. It features a digital wireless transmitter for FM frequencies and 14 built in selectable frequencies, a huge six line LCD screen display with color blue backlight, a memory capture capability that can give you the chance of storing up to 24 of your most favorite tunes and when you activate this feature it will automatically scan through all the XM radio satellite channels for these songs.

Another feature that makes this XM radio satellite docking station a best seller includes the ability of the XM receiver to search and list all the artist names, song titles and channel names in a quick manner, a feature that updates you on the latest sports scores and stock prices that is shown on the LCD screen and is easy to scroll. Other extra features include an alarm timer, an adjustable mounting bracket, a magnetic antenna for roof mounting and an auxiliary input connector for other MP3 and peripheral devices such as a 3.5 millimeter jack for a direct connection to other radios via the RCA input.

These are just two of the leading brands and models of XM radio docking stations that will allow you to access the XM radio satellite services anywhere and anytime just by setting it up easily and enjoying the wide range of listening choices that only XM radio satellite can bring.