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iPod Docking Stations--The Basics

iPod docking stations are the in-demand devices nowadays because they give iPod users the capacity to use their iPods with their computer speakers and home speaker systems in a relatively easy manner.

Most iPod docking stations come in a slim, stylish white dock that is billed as the perfect accessory and companion for iPods. The stations provide a universal and reliable compatibility for all iPod docking connectors, and come with a bundled remote control and S-Video output to make sharing and viewing images on a fifth generation iPods a possibility.

Most iPod docking stations have the capability of supporting iTunes' latest and versions and they automatically charge your own iPod whenever it is docked in the docking station. Its AC adapter, bundled with the docking station, provides iPod users the freedom to charge it anywhere where there is an existing power outlet, even without the use of a computer.

Every iPod docking station has an attachable plate designed to fit perfectly to any corresponding iPod model that has a docking connector. These iPod compatible models include the third, fourth, fifth generation iPods and the iPod Nano. So whatever iPod version you want to dock, just simply attach the corresponding plate and you're now ready to sync your iPod.

The iPod docking station also allows you to display your photos and movie collection stored in your fifth generation iPods (known also as the trendy iPod video) to every S-Video compatible device (sold separately). With this feature it allows you to view with ease your favorite TV shows, photographs and movies right on your own TV. The line out feature of the iPod docking station allows the opportunity to use the dock as a means to listen to your vast collection of favorite songs on your home stereo or any other listening devices that can be connected to an existing connection for RCA audio.

The remote control of the iPod docking station allows you to have total control of your iPod's playback options while enjoying the comfort of relaxing and sitting back during the tunes and melodies of your favorite songs. Every remote control is packaged with a battery. Remote control functions include volume adjustment, previous track, next track as well as pause and play options.

With all of these wonderful iPod docking station features weaved together into one compact and exciting device, it is guaranteed that you will never look at your iPod the same way again because your iPod will look more useful and versatile than ever before. With the help of the iPod docking station listening to music on your home entertainment stereo and watching your favorite TV shows and movies on your TV will become a reality. Doing so is very easy, and controlling everything from playback to adjusting volumes will be handy as well with the help of the remote control.

Truly the iPod docking station devices have changed the way we use our iPods as they gives us the opportunity to do more and broaden the advantages of the iPod technology.