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Enjoying Satellite Radio at Home

When someone talks about satellite radio at home, both Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio come to mind. They are the only two radio satellites services present in Canada and the United States.

The radio satellite services of both can be accessed by way of receivers and stand-alone table radios, connect & play systems and component tuners.

These devices are also mobile, meaning you can put it into your car and also enjoy the same crystal clear clarity signal from these radio satellite services.

The great thing about both Sirius and XM radio satellite is that they don't function and operate as commercial radio stations. Each radio station at Sirius and XM carry different varieties of genre from live and classical music to drama radio, family talk and live news updates.

To enjoy satellite radio access you need to choose from the following alternatives:

  1. Component tuners - it is considered as the best viable option to have a satellite radio at home. It comes in handy especially if you already have an existing home theater setup in your home. All you need to do is to plug and connect some components to a satellite video and audio receiver. By doing this you will be able to access the satellite radio stations and play them in your home speakers.
  2. Currently there is a wide array of choices of component tuner models from different brands made for home satellite radio systems on the market today.
  3. Stand alone radio station tuners - with just the power cord, the antenna and your own satellite radio receiver you can now tune into either the XM or Sirius satellite radio services in the luxury of your home. It also comes up with a built in FM/AM program reception.
  4. Connect and Play Systems - this system is used exclusively with XM radio satellite. It consists of a receiver specifically designed for home video and audio reception and a specially made and designed connect and play system antenna. All you need to do is plug the antenna into the connect-and-play receiver and you may now receive XM satellite radio feeds in your home.

Other brands offer other options for setting up a satellite radio at home.

Kenwood's Here2Anywhere is another leading method available in the market today. It is relatively very easy to set up and use. Using a remote control you can directly input a channel frequency number and you'll hear the tune play, with the corresponding song and artist information as well.

Sirius also manufactures a number of receivers for automobiles and home installation such as the Starmate Replay, Sirius S50 with built in 1GB MP3 player, Sirius One and the Sportster4.

Having satellite radio access at home is a great alternative for listening habits, and it is taking radio listening to another level as it provides more radio stations, clearer reception and simply more options to choose from. It's very easy to take wherever you may go, and it is very easy to install radio satellite receivers in your car as well.